BRARS 2 Meter Swap Net

The list of Swapnet Items are:

For Sale Ten-Tec Triton Digital Model 544 $438.00
For Sale Recent HYS TC-978 SDR $400.00
For Sale Motorola HT-1000 narrow band Handheld $52.00
For Sale Baofeng BF-888S 16 channels 400-470MHZ $30.00 each
For Sale 2 Pofung GT-5 dual band H'S $28.00 each
For Sale Btech UV-5X3 $25.00
For Sale Baofeng UV-5RM HP Micro sized dual band 2m/70cm $30.00
For Sale Yaesu FT-736R 2m/70cm all mode base $400.00
For Sale Kenwood TS-520 and a Kenwood TS-520S for parts $300.00
For Sale Motorola PM-400 $100.00
For Sale 2 Motorola Radius M1225 $100.00 each
For Sale GE 6meter tranceiver $130.00
For Sale ICOM IC-47H 440 $75.00
For Sale Uniden BC 780 HLT Trunk tracker III 500 channel scanner $87.00
For Sale Uniden BCD 996T Trunk tracker IV 6000 channels Freq. 25Hz to 1.3Ghz $145.00
For Sale Kenwood TS-830S with MC-50 desk mic and SP230 external speaker $500.00
For Sale Kenwood TS-450 with power supply $450.00
For Sale Hy Gain Ham IV rotator $325.00
For Sale Hy Gain DCU rotator control $300.00
For Sale Yaesu Tempo One with external VFO and external speaker $100.00
For Sale Yaesu FT-840 $300.00
For Sale Dentron MT-3000A full legal limit manual antenna tuner $250.00
For Sale ICom IC-718 Mic, manual, power cord and box $400.00
For Sale M2rd 2 meter 70 centimeter satellite beam $400.00
For Sale 2- 5 element 2 meter beam antennas $80.00 each
For Sale Kenwood TS-450S, Motorola CDM-1225, CDM-1250 and ICom R71A receiver $400.00
For Sale Yaesu FT-991A $600.00
For Sale MFJ 300 watt manual antenna tuner $100.00
For Sale Alinco 2 meter transceiver $100.00
For Sale G5RV multi band antenna $50.00
For Sale Alpha Delta fan dipole antenna $100.00
For Sale 2- 25 amp power supplies $50.00 each
For Sale MFJ 849 power meter $100.00
For Sale Yaesu M-90 desk mic $75.00
A total of 34 items are on the Swapnet.
Contact Gary (KI4DOS) for updates or inquiries.

2008 Blue Ridge Amateur Radio Society, Inc.

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